It’s a Wrap: New Ways to Put Food In Your Mouth

Have you ever watched a toddler or very young child eat their meal? It’s an all-hands-on-deck affair, with very little consideration paid to how the food gets in their mouth – as long as it does!  While it might gross us out as adults, there is also a lesson to be learned:  eating is a sensory experience, to be savored and enjoyed.  So next time your little one smears spaghetti from ear to ear, then licks their hand from palm to fingertips, take a moment to appreciate it for what it is – a joyful, multi-sensory experience,  albeit messy!

One of the easiest ways to add interest to a dish is by altering the way you consume it.

As a proud Australian, I will happily attest nothing tastes better than a freshly barbequed sausage topped with tomato sauce and onions, then wrapped in a slice of (usually white) bread!  Haute cuisine it may not be, but darned tasty!


Think about how different cultures around the world contain, present and consume their food:

  • Italy  eg. Calzone (sweet or savoury filling encased in a folded pizza base)
  • Greece  eg. Souvlaki (char-grilled meat, salad and garlic yoghurt sauce, wrapped in pita bread)
  • Mexico  eg. Burrito (spiced meat, beans and salad wrapped in a soft tortilla)
  • Japan  eg. Sushi (rice, fresh or pickled vegetables and seafood wrapped in seaweed)
  • Lebanon  eg. Cabbage rolls (mince meat wrapped in cabbage leaves and cooked in a tomato based sauce)
  • China  eg. Birds nest (stir fried meat and/or vegetables served in a crisp fried shredded potato basket)
  • Nepal  eg. Momo (mince meat or stewed fruit encased in a soft dumpling)
  • England  eg. Beef Wellington (roast beef coated with pate and wrapped in filo pastry)
  • Vietnam  eg.  Rice paper rolls (rice noodles, vegetables and herbs wrapped in softened rice paper)

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to enjoying your food.  Using the list above as inspiration, why not invent something new?  Here are a few ideas to get you started:


broccoliSatay beef and vegetable stir fry, sprinkled with  crushed roasted peanuts and wrapped in a tortilla


beans-315506_640Chilli con carne, grated carrot, guacamole and sour cream, wrapped in warm pita bread



Tandoori chicken, thinly sliced cucumber, mango chutney and fresh coriander, wrapped in rice paper rolls


Shredded barbecue chicken, crumbled feta, fresh coriander and sautéed red onion, spread on a tortilla and grilled on a flat sandwich press, quesadilla-style


Have you got any fun or creative ways to present food? Share them with us in the comments below.


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