Feeding Your Ears: Music to Cook By

I have yet to meet a home cook who doesn’t love to crank up their favourite tunes when in the kitchen.  There’s something about music which lifts the cooking experience to a new level. Whether your tastes centre upon classical, jazz, pop, country or heavy metal is immaterial: it has a unique ability to energize and inspire.

For me, a good cooking playlist needn’t adhere to one style or genre – and there’s plenty of room for a little cheesiness – pardon the pun!  My kitchen frequently reverberates to the upbeat, carefree tempo of 1980s pop – think Love in the First Degree (Bananarama)Raspberry Beret (Prince) and Take on Me (Aha) – but is equally likely to thump in time with the guitar rich rhythms of 1990s rock – tracks like Glycerine (Bush), Drive (Incubus) and Even Better than the Real Thing (U2).

Music not only motivates me in the kitchen, it fuels my creativity and helps purge any negative thoughts that are weighing me down.  Amongst my favourite tracks for shaking off frustrations are Believe (Cher) and You’re So Vain (Carly Simon).

So here are a couple of my favourite playlists of music to cook by.  Hope they inspire your culinary endeavors as much as they do mine… and don’t forget to share your favourite cooking tunes in the comments below!

 Lazy Sunday Morning

  1. Easy  (Lionel Ritchie)
  2. Yellow Taxi  (Joni Mitchell)
  3. The Sun Always Shines on TV  (Aha)
  4. Wherever You Will Go  (The Calling)
  5. Tip of My Tongue  (Diesel)
  6. Lego House  (Ed Sheeran)
  7. You Were Meant For Me  (Jewel)
  8. Life for Rent  (Dido)
  9. Drive  (R.E.M.)
  10. The Scientist  (Coldplay)

Midweek Dinner




  1. Let’s Get Lost  (Beck)
  2. Full Moon  (The Black Ghosts)
  3. Some Days Are Better Than Others  (U2)
  4. Cheerleader  (OMI)
  5. Love Story  (Taylor Swift)
  6. Walking Away  (Craig David)
  7. Closing Time  (Semisonic)
  8. Amazing  (George Michael)
  9. Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?  (U2)
  10. Better Days  (Pete Murray)

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